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Additional Rental Details

Rentals Include:

– Air conditioning or heat in indoor areas
– Depending on type of event and the number of attendees, one or more security guards may be required
– Access to Soldiers & Sailors exhibits depending on the time and location of your rental.(limitations may apply)
– Building security, operational and custodial services and other staffing
– Projection screens (projectors are available for an extra cost)
– Lectern with wired or wireless microphone
– CD player


Candles are permitted in glass votive holders or glass chimneys (no exposed flame tapers or metal spring-loaded tapers permitted). Confetti, glitter, loose feathers and smoke/fog machines are prohibited. Balloons must be weighted or in a frame and disposed of by vendors or clients at the end of the event. Helium balloons are not permitted in the auditorium or ballroom.

Banners and Signage

Event related banners, signage and other hanging items may be hung only with prior approval from Soldiers & Sailors and only on free-standing poles, with dowel rods on the pillars or on easels. Banners and other items may not be hung or taped to walls, windows, staircases, showcases, banisters, railings, etc. Banners that cannot be hung safely and without causing damage will not be approved.

Setup and Load Out

Setup and load out times will be determined and coordinated by the staff involved based on Museum hours of operation and other events, both rental and internal. Additional charges may be assessed for early and/or extraordinary set up requests and power usage. All requests to add special sound, lighting or power must be approved in advance by Soldiers & Sailors management, and once approved, must be installed under the direct supervision of Soldiers & Sailors staff. All of the lessee’s property, including items to be returned to florists, entertainers and other vendors must be removed from the building by the lessee or vendor. All boxes must be broken down and vendor trash (floral debris, boxes, cartons, etc.) must be disposed of prior to the event starting. Any property left overnight is considered to be left at the owner’s or vendor’s own risk and must be removed when Soldiers & Sailors reopens to the public.

Insurance Requirements

Soldiers & Sailors requires all rental events to carry general liability insurance. The standard amount of liability is $1,000,000.00 and is usually provided by the Licensee’s insurer as an addendum to a homeowner’s policy or a one-day Special Event Endorsement with Host Liquor Liability. Many corporations and educational institutions already have coverage for off-site events, but must show proof of adding Soldiers & Sailors as additionally insured for the day of the event.